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Tracey Fox, Co-Director of Algarve Retreats, is a qualified and professional Interior Designer, a status achieved by studying at the University of Leicester, National Design Academy.

With Tracey’s experience, help and guidance your goals are achievable.

Her interior design skills allow her to work with you, interpreting your ideas and your vision, creating an inspirational and distinctive interior, finished to the highest quality standards.

Regardless of how small the project is, from a single room requiring an injection of colour, to just adding new soft furnishings, simple things can transform the overall look of your property. The bespoke services offered by Tracey can be customised to match the  size of your project and most importantly your budget.

Services for Owners

Interior design is a key element to gain the maximum return on your investment when offering your property for sale. First impressions are so important to create a look that draws the attention of discerning buyers and helps your property to stand out in the market place. Many visitors decide on a home as soon as they step across the threshold.

Increase the attractiveness and saleability of your property

Tracey’s expertise in the following areas of interior design will totally transform the space you have regardless of size.

 Space planning

Is an essential interior design skill which contributes to the design of good, functional and practical interior design. Space planning skills are valuable when planning a domestic kitchen, a small residential space (such as an apartment) or an open-plan living area.

colour wheel

Is an essential element of interior design. Colour can make small spaces come alive, can completely change the appearance of walls or ceilings and it is present in absolutely every aspect of an interior.

Wall and floor coverings 

The impact that wall and floor coverings have on an interior cannot be underestimated; the combination of these elements sets the scene for the entire interior design scheme.

Both light and sound are reflected or absorbed by these elements, furniture sits within them and is framed by them. Different approaches from traditional to contemporary can be used to meet with the owner’s individual tastes.

Furniture Styles and accessories. Furniture is an essential component to any design scheme, regardless of the size of the property. From classical to contemporary, furniture has the power to make or break a design.

Creative Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in any project creating an effective lighting scheme is as important to design decision as choice of colour, furniture and layout.

A large part of lighting design involves developing an understanding of the balance between light and shadow, which is essential for creating interesting interiors. When used effectively, lighting enhances any interior. 

Services for buyers

We are all individuals and we all like to have a place to call our own. Our home is important to us, a place of sanctuary, a place to relax, a place for family, a place for friends and a place to play. Regardless of whether your property has been purchased as a holiday home, an investment or a main residence, we all want it to look its best and feel just right.

There are many ways to find inspiration

Interior Design gives us the opportunity to add individuality, practicality and comfort, a real chance to give an impression, a true reflection of our personality, hobbies and interests. There are many ways to find inspiration, but transforming ideas into reality can sometimes be very difficult, not to mention time consuming.