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Beaches from Luz to Salema

The Western Algarve offer some of the best beaches in the world.

Regardless of whether you enjoy a long expanse of gently shelving sand to the sea or a small, secluded rocky cove, the Western Algarve can provide whichever you prefer.

Listed below are a few of those available, if you are adventurous and want to explore you will find your own piece of paradise.

Praia de Luz

Praia da Luz

A long, golden curve of sand flanked by rocks at the western end, where you can hunt for shellfish and rock crabs, and the 'Rocha Negra' to the east.Luz is a beautiful beach with its own picturesque charm.

There is a large selection of beach bars and restaurants close by which helps to make this the ideal family beach.

Burgau Beach

Praia do Burgau

The beach at Burgau has a fantastic beach-bar and is very popular with families.

Praia Boca do Rio

Praia Boca do Rio

This beach is quite isolated and popular with campers. The beach lies between Burgau and Salema. 

The remains of a French 'Man-of-War' lay on the seabed just offshore so lots to explore for Scuba divers and snorkelers.

Praia Da Salema

Praia da Salema

A spacious stretch of golden sand lying right in front of Salema village.

The restaurant Atlantico lies on the very edge of the beach.

There are cliffs at either end, which make this beach popular for snorkeling and scuba diving.