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Holiday Checklist

As your holiday approaches, don't forget the essentials

  1. Tickets/Boarding passes
  2. Itineraries / reservations/vouchers (hotel, car)

  3. Passport(s)

  4. Visa(s)

  5. Driving Licence(s)/ID card

  6. Travel insurance

  7. Health insurance

  8. Euopean Health Card
  9. Prescriptions inc. glasses / contacts

  10. Medications (name, dosage) & doctor(s)

  11. Photocopies & scans of vital documents

  12. Emergency numbers & online access details including:
    credit cards, banks, airlines, embassies (2 copies, separate locations)

  13. Family & friends: addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses

  14. Travel card(s), passes, tickets, tokens

  15. Printed route maps / instructions

  16. Money - Foreign Money.
    Credit cards (at least two, in separate locations)
    Debit / ATM cash card(s)
    PIN / account numbers (encoded but retrievable)

  17. Eye sight 

    Contact lenses (inc. spares)
    Contact lens solution
    Prescription glasses (two pairs)
    Reading glasses
    Sunglasses – plain, prescription, reading

  18. Handy Items 

    Travel diary
    Phrase book / dictionary
    Local maps / guide books
    Holiday reading

  19. Essentials

    Phone, charger, adapter, foreign SIM card(s)
    Phonecard(s), codes, instructions
    Camera, memory card, battery, charger, adapter, cable


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