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Lagos Apartment Purchase

Management & Rentals - 2016

My partner and I purchased an apartment from Tracey and Adrian last summer.  The advise, support and help we received from them from the beginning of the process to the end, was way beyond our expectations.  The whole purchase went very smoothly, considering we were dealing with affairs from the UK.

Having built up a strong professional relationship with Tracey and Adrian, we felt that they were the best and only people we felt confident leaving our new purchase with, to manage for our rental. 

They have always given us sound and concrete advise, which we have always taken on board and followed through.  The results have reflected very positively and our apartment has been rented out for the majority of the time over the 9months that we have owned it.  

Tracey and Adrian have always worked with us with any decisions that needed to to be taken and take great care of our affairs and ensure our apartment is kept to the highest standards. Due to their commitment to us, we have been able to be stress free.  We enjoy working with Tracey and Adrian and have built up a trusting and strong work ethic with them, so thanks to you both

Jackie & Doug

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