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Are there any other important aspects to consider when buying your property?

The costs don’t just stop once you’ve completed on your property purchase in Portugal. Make sure you have accounted for the day to day ongoing costs of living in Portugal and indeed running your home to avoid any unexpected costs.

We would highly recommend you consider all the following areas

Home Insurance

Take time to research the best policy that meets with your particular needs . If the property is to be rented , there are ertain types of home insurance , specifically designed for this type of property.

Public Liability Insurance

Insurance will be required, if you are considering renting your property. This can be arranged for you by ourselves, please contact us for more information .

Heath care

Although there is a good public health system in Portugal and reciprocal arrangements with other EU member countries, private haelthcare is still a preferred option for most people buying in Portugal.

Taxes and Pensions

The cost of living is pretty low in Portugal compared with the UK. But, especially if you are permanently relocating, it’s still important to understand how your tax position – and state pension – will be affected. Always seek professional advice as inheritance and taxation laws differ to those in the UK.

Plans in an emergency

Alawys have plans in place in the event of a loved one being taking ill, or having to travel at short notice to be with family or friends.